Newari Cuisine is a special kind of cuisine that consists of non-vegetarian and vegetarian items as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They are very popular not only among Newars but also non Newars and tourist in almost all street of Kathmandu restaurant. Newari foods can be easily find also in every restaurant in Nepal from street to five star hotels.

Food has always been strong factor of Newar culture and when it comes to Newari foods, they strongly hold the taste of ancient Newar culture which holds the history as old as the Kathmandu valley itself.

Bhoj or the Feast is an integral part of the Newar culture, so every Newari ritual and festival are celebrated with "Bhoj."

List of Newari Food: Nepal

The rich Newari heritage and their food culture have a synonymous prestige in Nepal.

The main items used to prepare Newari foods are mustard oil and a host of spices, such as cumin, sesame seeds, turmeric, garlic, ginger, fenugreek, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, chili, mustard seeds, vinegar, etc. 

List of Newari Foods

Vegetarian Items
  • Baji (Beaten Rice)
  • Jaa (Boiled Rice)
  • Chataamari (rice flour crepe)
  • Baaraa (lentil based fried "donuts"; spicy and salty)
  • Waaunchha (greens)
  • Paauncha (sour berry soup)
  • Chasumicha (type of spinach)
  • Bhuti (black-eyed peas)
  • Dhau (yogurt)
  • Puri (flattened bread)
  • Kani (corn)
  • Musya (soybeans)
  • Alu achaar (spicy potato salad)
  • Wo (lentil based flattened cake; spicy and salty)
  • Kehn (boiled lentils)
  • Quanti (nine bean soup)
  • Guara Mari (Fried dough, similar to elephant ears)
  • Tushi Achar (Spicy cucumber salad)
  • Golbheda Achar (Spicy tomato salad)
  • Laba (fried garlic greens)
  • Phashi (pumpkin)
  • Chatamari
  • Kauli
  • Yo Mari
  • Tukancha (Very tasty green vegetable)
  • Palacha (Very tasty green vegetable)
  • Kakacha
  • Bhuti
  • Simpu
  • Kayegu (Soaked beans)
Non-vegetarian Items
  • Chwelaa (marinated and roasted meat)
  • Kachilaa (marinated raw minced meat)
  • Sanyaa (dried fish)
  • Khen (egg)
  • Sanyaakhuna (jellied fish soup)
  • Takhaa (jellied buffalo soup)
  • Dukula (goat meat)
  • Henyla (duck)
  • Khayula (chicken)
  • Momocha (dumplings, usually buffalo)
  • So-laa (battered and fried goat lung)
  • Knyaa (fish)
  • Sapumhichha (liquid bone marrow encased in stomach lining)
  • Mee-kwa (fenugreek sprouts and small peas)
  • Nhyapu (brains, usually fried)
  • Meh(n) (boiled tongue, usually fried)
  • Cho-hi (steamed buffalo blood with marrow and spices)
  • Pukala (fried meat )
  • Sukula (dried meat, jerky )
  • Kwa Ghasa ( thick broth from leftover meats and vegetables has a distinct smell and taste)
  • Alcohol and derivatives
  • Ayelaa (Hard liquor most commonly made out of rice. High alcohol content)
  • Thwon (Rice Beer)
  • Hyangu Thwon (similar to red wine; light)
  • Kaa Thowon
Beverages and Soups
  • La (water)
  • Duru (milk)
  • Ken (Lentils; black, yellow and red)
  • Lai Kwa
  • Pau Kwa
  • Mee Kwa
  • Chhon (Spicy Bamboo soup)
  • Anarsaa
  • Ayantha-mari
  • Barfi
  • Jeri
  • Laddu
  • Lakhamari
  • Lalmohan
  • Maalpuwaa
  • Nimki
  • Rasbhari
  • Roth
  • Sel
  • Swaari
  • Haluwa
  • Puri
  • Pyara
  • Khajuri
  • Gundpakh
  • Yomari
Newari food served at the festivals and other days are considered to be the best culinary cuisine and loved by every people who have taste.


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