Momo - the most popular fast food of Nepal

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Momo, the most popular dish.

Momo is a very popular fast food easily available in almost every restaurant and street of Kathmandu and around different places of Nepal. They are made by filling minced meat (Especially Pork, Chicken, Buff) or vegetables and wrapped in a dough and steamed cooked and eaten with spicy dipping sauce which makes the food delicious.


Steamed momo is the most popular dishes in Kathmandu. You can also try momo prepared or cooked in different way. Some of them are Fried momo, Jhol momo, Kothe momo, C-momo and Open momo.

Steamed Momo
Steamed momo are usually steamed in dumpling steamer. They are scrumptious juicy momo filled with veggies or minced meat (Chicken, Buff, Pork). 

Fried Momo
Fried momo are steamed momo which are by later deep fried in the oil. The taste of these fried momo will totally make you forget about your health conscious and thoughts.

Jhol Momo (Soup Momo)
Jhol basically means liquid in Nepali. Jhol momo are steamed momo drowned a bowl with full of sauce. The jhol is thin in consistency with a bit of a hot, spicy and tangy twist.

Kothe Momo
Kothey momo are half steamed and half fried momo. 

C- Momo (Chilli Momo)
C-momo are mixed with a hot and spicy sauce, pepper, onions which gives you different taste of momo version. 

Open Momo
Open momo are wrap in dough having four side open which makes easy to pour variety of distinctive sauces to make delicious and yummy.


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  1. I love momo. My favourite.

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