CGNet introduces Super Value Plan at just Rs. 680 per month

CG Communications Limited CGNET, an Internet Service Provider company in Nepal has introduced the ‘Super Value Plan’ for its customers with affordable prices in three options. The offered three plans are 75 Mbps Sprinter, 150 Mbps Popular, and 300 Mbps Rockstar. With this latest plan of the three new packages, CGNet will be able to compete in a significant way against its rivals in the ISP market.

CGNet Super Value Plan

In Super Value Plan, customers can select internet packages from the 75Mbps Sprinter, 150Mbps Popular, and 300 Mbps Rockstar categories for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months respectively.

The Sprinter Plan, which offers 75Mbps internet speed, is the least expensive of the three plans. Customer subscription plan prices are as, a one-month plan costs Rs. 730, three months plan costs Rs. 2160, and 12 months plan costs Rs. 8160.

The Popular Plan, which offers 150 Mbps provides a reasonable speed. If you choose this plan, the cost is Rs. 1050 for a 1-month plan, Rs, 3045 for 3 months plan, and Rs. 11100 for 12 months plan respectively.

The Rockstar Plan is the most expensive of the three internet packages. It offers internet speeds of up to 300Mbps speed. This package can be subscribed at Rs. 1399 for a month, Rs. 4062 for three months, and Rs. 14928 for 12 months.

CGNet Super Value Plan 1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
75 Mbps, SPRINTER Rs. 730 Rs. 2160 Rs. 8160
150 Mbps, POPULAR Rs. 1050 Rs. 3045 Rs. 11100
300 Mbps, Rockstar Rs. 1399 Rs. 4062 Rs. 1492

The above-mentioned prices are all inclusive of TSC but 13% VAT will be applicable. Customers won't be charged for installation and drop wire. A dual-band router is also included with every package under this plan and is free with an annual subscription. Customers must pay Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,500 for packages that are subscribed for 1 month and 3 months, respectively.

Take advantage of CGNet's most recent package plan, which offers affordable, and speeds that meet your needs for internet usage.  


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