How to Take/Activate Loan in Ntc? Namaste Credit Service, NTC Loan

If you are a Nepal Telecom (NTC) prepaid user and your sim balance is running low then Namaste Credit loan sapati service allows you to take a loan even when there is no balance in your sim. This Namaste Credit service comes in useful in an emergency circumstance when consumers do not have sufficient balance to make a call and recharging is not available.

Namaste Credit NTC Loan Sapati Service

Namaste Credit Service

Namaste Credit service is a convenient service that you may use when your account balance is running low. The Namaste Credit service can be availed by activation of the service. Here's how to take/activate NTC loan service:

How to take/activate NTC loan sapati service?

To get a loan in NTC prepaid sim, the user need to activate Namaste Credit by following as mentioned below,

  • Type START in your message box and send SMS to 1477
  • You will receive a loan activation message; NTC sim card needs to be more than 3 months old.

There is no cost for the Namaste Credit loan service, it is totally FREE. The loan taken amount will be deducted from the recharge amount. This service can be used several times. However, the taken loan amount must be paid off to use the loan service again.

You can take the loan amount from Rs. 5 to Rs. 20 depending on the usage of the network, recharge frequency/amount, and the age of the SIM card

How to know the credit debt balance you had used?

To know your credit debt used,

  • Type STATUS in your message box and send SMS to 1477
  • You will receive credit used message.

How to deactivate/stop the NTC loan service?

To deactivate Namaste Credit loan service in NTC,

  • Type STOP and send SMS to 1477
  • If there is any remaining credit, the service will deduct it and send you a confirmation message.

What are the terms and conditions to apply for the Namaste Credit service?

  • To apply for a Namaste Credit, NTC users number has to be used for at least 90 days or more.
  • Users are unable to apply for a new loan until the prior loan has been paid off and any costs owed have been paid.

Who can apply for the Namaste Credit loan service?

  • Namaste Credit facility is only available for Nepal Telecom (Ntc) prepaid users.
  • Namaste Credit is only available to users who are running low on their balance or have zero balance on their number.
  • People who have more than Rs. 5 in their balance cannot apply for Namaste Credit.


  • Loan sapati service for prepaid users 
  • No call drop with no extra charges
  • Payment of debt shall be taken from the next recharge 
  • The partial recovery in cases where top-up is less than the total debt. The threshold is 60%.
  • SMS shortcode of Namaste Credit Loan service is 1477.

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