How to get the security code of NTC ?

The Security Code (SCODE) of Nepal Telecom (NTC) is received at the time of buying a sim card which is attached with the Sim card pack. If we lost or forget the security code, how to get it?

We know that before it was very difficult in getting our security code if we lost or forgot it as we need to go to the NTC office and provide a citizenship certificate to receive the security code. Which uses to take longer waiting time in line for the turn. But over time and technological changes, this service has become simply easier. This means, now NTC has the facility to obtain a security code just by requesting through mobile phone i.e. by sending a message and receiving it. Now we don’t need to visit the NTC office to get a security code if you lost or forgot it. Just follow the instruction below and receive it easily on your phone.

How to get the security code in NTC?

You can get a security code by sending a message to 1415.
  • Type SCODE & send to 1415
Once the message is sent, the customer will receive the message immediately with security code as below:

Dear, [Customer Name], the Password Reset has completed according to your request. Your new password is xxxxxxxx. If you need further support, please contact our customer service staffs. [Date & Time]

The Security Code is needed to transfer balance in NTC and if we lost or forget the Security Code, we can receive it quickly by sending a message to NTC in 1415.

After obtaining a security code from NTC, customers can use it to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC.

If you need any further help, dial 1498 for NTC customer service staff.

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