ConnectIPS brings Refer a Friend Offer, both the Referrer and Referee gets Rs 25.

ConnectIPS launches the "Refer a Friend" offer, enabling current users to encourage their friends and family to sign up for connectIPS. The referrer will earn Rs. 25 in the primary connected account and the referee gets Rs. 25 as a mobile top-up.

The offer is active from Jestha 1, 2080, through Ashadh 31, 2080 (15th May to 16th July 2023).

ConnectIPS Refer a Friend Offer

In this offer, the referrer needs to share the referral code with friends or family. Once the referee registers a new user using the referral code and verifies with the number and email ID, the referrer gets Rs 25 in the primary linked account and the referee will get Rs. 25 as a mobile top-up in the registered mobile number.

How to Share Referral Code? connectIPS Refer a Friend Offer

  • Login to connectIPS from the mobile app or go to
  • Select the "Refer a Friend" tab from the Dashboard.
  • Click on generate referral code. Share the referral link by copying it and pasting it into any messaging or sharing platform.
Referees can create a new user by visiting or by downloading a mobile application.

What is connectIPS?

ConnectIPS is a payment system in Nepal that facilitates online payments, fund transfers, and financial transactions. It stands for "Connecting Interbank Payment System" and is operated by Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL).

Users can make payments for various purposes such as utility bills, mobile top-ups, online shopping, and government services through the connectIPS portal or mobile app.

Overall, connectIPS  has played a significant role in transforming the payment landscape in Nepal, offering a convenient, secure, and efficient system for online payments, fund transfers, and financial transactions.

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