Ncell Triple Majja Pack (Facebook, TikTok & YouTube) Data Offer

Ncell Axiata Limited, Nepal's one of the leading telecom service provider company has come up with an exciting offer called the 'Triple Majja Pack'. With this Triple Majja Pack offer, Ncell customers can get access three different platforms in one package: Facebook, TikTok and YouTube at low cost.

Ncell Triple Majja Pack

Ncell Triple Majja Pack

Ncell's Triple Majja Pack includes three separate data volume offers for Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube which provides 1GB, 1GB and 1.5GB per day data for Facebook, TikTok & YouTube validity for 7 days, 10 days and 30 days with all-time data of 2GB, 4GB and 6GB respectively. While using, if you use up all of your per-day data then it will start using from all time data.


Data for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube

All-time data


(incl. taxes)

7 Days

1GB Per Day


Rs. 109

10 Days

1GB Per Day


Rs. 147

30 Days

1.5 GB Per Day


Rs. 459

How to buy the Triple Majja Pack?

To buy the Ncell Triple Majja Pack (Facebook, TikTok & YouTube), follow as mentioned below:

  • Dial *17123# 
  • Select the Triple Majja Pack [8]
  • Follow the instruction to select the pack of your choice (7 days or 10 days or 30 days)
  • Done

You can also subscribe the pack from Ncell App or their Website.

How to deactivate Ncell Triple Majja Pack?

To deactivate pack, finish using the active pack till their validity expires. If the validity period has expired, you can decide whether or not to buy again. So, you don’t have to deactivate the Ncell Triple Majja Pack scheme

Ncell Triple Majja Pack offer is available for all Ncell users except Mero Plan subscribers. Also, Triple Majja Pack does not have the PAYG block features. If the data volume has been used, standard charges will apply or you may purchase additional data packs by dialing *17123#.

Enjoy the Ncell Triple Majja Pack offer with Facebook, TikTok & YouTube!!!

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