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    Digital Wallet Payment Services in Nepal

    According to the changes of time, digital system has made a lot of changes in the digital world. As we are talking about digital payment services, with changes of digital system, many countries are moving towards cashless payment options.

    According to changes in the world regarding payment system, we can see that Nepal is also trying to make transactions digital for easy and safe transaction. There are many companies that has already introduce digital payment system (digital wallet system) in Nepal and people are already using this digital payment services.

    Famous digital wallet payment system like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are globally popular services but in Nepal, we have few of its own domestic local digital payment services similar to them.

    Many people are using these domestic payment services and this shows that Nepal is also going cashless by replacing paying by cash to paying through digital services.

    For the digital payment you need to have app downloaded in your mobile phone and register with the service provider for its use.

    By using this digital wallets, you can recharge your mobile phones easily, pay electricity bills, telephone bills, internet bills, khanepani bills, make flights bookings, purchase cinema tickets, travel tickets, make payment for insurance companies, schools/colleges fee, online transaction from bank to bank, online money transfer, online shopping payment, credit card payment and many more with hassle free.

    Benefits using digital services is controllability, accountability, safe and reliable.

    Some of the Best Digital Wallet Services in Nepal:
    Digital Wallet Payment Services in Nepal
    By: F1 soft

    By: Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd.

    By: Qpay Pvt. Ltd.

    IME Pay
    By: IME Digital Solution Limited

    ePrabhu Pay
    By: Prabhu Management Pvt. Ltd. 

    By: Muncha.com

    By: A One Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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