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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


What is EPS TOPIK?
EPS - TOPIK Testing (also known as KLT) is carried out by South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor to select foreign workers to work in Korean manufacturing units, construction sites, agriculture, etc.

It tests the language skills of potential foreign employees to ensure they are able to perform their duties efficiently in Korea and can also lead their daily lives without language problems. Based on the EPS - TOPIK score, they create a list of eligible foreign job seekers who can then apply for jobs and obtain a proper working visa(E-9).
Complete Guide to EPS TOPIK

Which Countries conduct EPS-TOPIK Exam?
Korea selects workers from countries such as China, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, East Timor, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.

How many Times EPS are performed in one year?
Depending on the requirements of foreign workers in Korea, it can be carried out 1 - 3 times or more in a year.

What is the Eligibility for EPS TOPIK?
Person should be between 18 and 39 years of age.
  • No person should have any record of a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.
  • Person should have no previous records of deportation or departure from the Republic of Korea under a departure order.
  • Person should not be prohibited from traveling in their country of origin.
  • The eligibility requirements decided by both countries should be met by the individual.
What is the EPS TOPIK Test Structure?
  • EPS TOPIK, The duration of the test is 70 minutes and a total of 200 marks 
  • Two sections of the test – Listening and Reading. 
  • There are 25 questions for 100 marks in the EPS TOPIK listening section and the time for this section is 30 minutes. 
  • EPS Reading Section has 25 questions for 100 marks and it takes 40 minutes to read this section. 
  • All the questions are multiple choices where you have to choose one of four options for the right answer. 
  • Testing the EPS TOPIK i) basic communication skills, ii) knowledge of words and phrases used in industry and iii) understanding of Korean business and work culture.
What is the Passing criteria?
You should be able to pass 80 out of 200 marks, but the final selection will be made according to the requirement and number of applicants.

What is the process of getting work in Korea after EPS TOPIK Test?
Passing EPS - TOPIK allows you to apply for employment in Korea. It does not guarantee Korea's employment.

What is the validity of EPS TOPIK Result?
2 Years from the date in the results.

Who is eligible under EPS Korea to apply for a job?
The person should meet the following criteria:
  • Person between 18 and 40 years of age.
  • Person who went through EPS - TOPIK.
  • Person who fits for the Korean government's medical checkup.
  • Persons with no records of criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment.
  • Person who has not previously recorded Korea's deportation / expulsion order.
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