Nepali New Year in 2024, Happy Nepali New Year 2081

Nepal New Year is celebrated based on the Bikram Sambat calendar, also known as the Nepali calendar. This calendar precedes the Gregorian calendar by about 567 years, so the Nepali New Year typically occurs in mid-April, coinciding with the traditional Hindu festival of Baisakh.

The upcoming Nepali New Year will be on Saturday, April 13, 2024 (1st Baisakh 2081) according to the Bikram Sambat Calendar. Every year on the 1st of Baishak, Nepali people usher in the new year. 2081 marks the start of a fresh cycle in the Bikram Sambat calendar. The advent of 2081 will be commemorated with great zeal and customary festivities, as is customary for every Nepali New Year celebration.

The Nepali New Year known as "Naya Barsha" or "Navavarsha" in the local language is a time of joy and celebration, filled with various cultural traditions. During this festive period, people clean and adorn their homes, wear new attire, and cook special dishes. 

Nepali individuals wish each other a Happy New Year with the phrase ‘Naya Barsa Ko Subhakamana’ in their native language.

A significant tradition during the Nepali New Year involves exchanging greetings and blessings with loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Many individuals head to temples to pray for good health, abundance, and happiness in the upcoming year.

Throughout Nepal, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley, there are cultural and street festivities during the New Year. 

Nepali peoples come together to witness and engage in traditional dances, music, and other performances on this day.

In essence, the Nepali New Year signifies a period of rejuvenation, contemplation, and anticipation of new beginnings. The festive occasion embodies the lively and diverse representation of Nepal's cultural traditions.

When is Nepali New Year in 2024?

In 2024, Nepali New Year falls on Saturday, April 13th (4/13/2024).

Normal Greetings:
  • Happy New Year 2081
  • Naya Barsha 2081 Ko Subhakamana 
  • नयाँ वर्ष २०८१ सालको सुभकामना

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