Nepal Telecom Unlimited Data: Facebook, YouTube, Hourly Pack & More

Nepal Telecom is the largest telecommunication service provider in Nepal. It offers a wide range of telecommunications services including landline, mobile, and internet services which includes ADSL, FTTH (Fiber to the Home), WiMAX, and mobile data services. It also offers various data packages to cater to different user needs. Nepal Telecom's services are available across Nepal, including rural and remote areas. It has a wide network infrastructure to ensure connectivity across the country.

Nepal Telecom has launched 4G services in major cities and is working on expanding its 4G coverage. It is also preparing for the launch of 5G services in the future.

It is also focusing on expanding its digital services to offer a more comprehensive range of services to its customers. This includes mobile banking, digital payments, and other value-added services.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) Unlimited Data Packs

Nepal Telecom Offers Unlimited Data Packs

Unlimited YouTube

With Unlimited YouTube pack offer you can enjoy accessing unlimited YouTube for 3 days. You can buy this pack at Rs. 55 and to buy this pack dial *1415*1*7# or from NT App.

Unlimited Facebook

With Unlimited Facebook pack you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook for 3 days at just Rs. 55. To buy this unlimited Facebook pack dial *1415*1*7# or use NT App.

For Rs 15, you can also buy a 1.5GB add-on pack with your 3 days pack to Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, the add-on pack is valid for three days.

Please keep in mind that the Unlimited YouTube and Facebook package is only for use with content from Facebook or YouTube only, but using content outside YT/FB may deduct balance from your account by clicking on content from other apps.

Unlimited Hour Packs

Unlimited 1 Hour

With 1 Hour Unlimited pack you get unlimited data and voice for a full hour. The cost for this pack is Rs. 20 and valid for one hour only. To buy this 1 Hour Unlimited pack dial *1415*8*1ss.00204# or buy from NT App.

Unlimited 2 Hour

With Unlimited 2 Hour pack you get unlimited data for 2 hours. The cost for the pack is Rs. 35 only. To buy this pack dial *1415*8*2#

For more packs dial *1415# or visit NT App.

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