Ncell All Nepal Voice Pack | All Network Voice Pack

The 'All Nepal Voice Pack' allows Ncell Axiata Limited prepaid users to make calls on any network in Nepal at significantly lower voice call prices.

Ncell All Nepal Voice Pack

All Nepal Voice Pack

Under the All Nepal Voice Pack deal, there are six different voice packs. Customers have the option of purchasing validity packs with 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days options, with prices ranging from Rs 14 including taxes to Rs 385. Customers can call any other local networks with these voice-packs without worrying about expensive off-net call rates. Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.

With the All Nepal Voice Pack, you can now call any local network at a very cheap voice rate according to your requirement. The table below shows the price, talktime, and validity.




Rs. 14

14 minutes

1 Day

Rs. 45

65 minutes

3 Days

Rs. 94

150 minutes

7 Days

Rs. 135

225 minutes

14 Days

Rs. 265

475 minutes

28 Days

Rs. 385

750 minutes

28 Days

How to buy Ncell All Nepal Voice Pack?

You can buy the All Nepal Voice Pack using the USSD code *17118*3# or the Ncell app or Website.

No matter which local network a customer dials within the country, Ncell All Nepal Voice Pack offer lowers the call rate to enable them to make a longer voice conversation at a more affordable rate.

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