How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe CRBT in Ntc?

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tones) service in Nepal Telecom (NTC) provides an option to set their favorite songs as ring back tone for callers to listen instead of the usual ringing sound while waiting for the person they called to answer the phone.

NTC CRBT Activate/Deactivate

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) Service Charges of Nepal Telecom (NTC)


Weekly Charge

Monthly Charge

Caller Tune Service Charge

Rs. 5.00

Rs. 20.00

Caller Tune Tone Charge

Rs. 2.50

Rs. 10.00

The above mentioned charges for caller tunes are exclusive of TSC and VAT.

How to Subscribe/Activate CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) Service in NTC?

- Type SUB and send SMS to 1455


- Dial 1455 and listen to follow the instruction.

How to Purchase Songs?

a) Using IVR

  • Dial 1455 & various categories will be displayed like (Top10, Nepali Songs, etc.)
  • Go to preferred category
  • List of songs will be displayed
  • Select the song for all Callers & for Special Callers

b) Using USSD 

  • Dial *1455# & see various categories 
  • Go to the preferred category
  • Check the list of available songs
  • Select the preferred song you want to set as CRBT

c) Using the CRBT Tone Code 

  • Type Sub Song Key Word and send SMS to 1455
  • E.g.: Sub 0692xxx to 1455
  • Send TOP to 1455 to see Top Songs

d) How to copy Tone from others? 

  • Dial *9 to copy and set your ringtone when you hear while calling others mobile.   

How to Unsubscribe/Deactivate CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) Service in NTC?

- Type UNSUB and Send SMS to 1455

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