Smart brings best value voice pack, unlimited talk-time voice packages at low price.

Smart brings Best Value Voice Pack to its customer. Customer can now talk unlimited with the Best Value Voice Pack within Smart Network. After subscribing this pack, Smart Sim users can make unlimited calls at a very reasonable cost. The users can subscribe the pack by following below mentioned instruction and make unlimited calls within Smart Network.

Best Value Voice Pack include unlimited calls for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and daily rental pack as mentioned below.
  1. Voice Unlimited- 1 day: Talk Unlimited for 1 day within Smart Network for just Rs.11.49 (including of taxes). The offer is valid till 3rd July, 2019. 
  2. Voice Unlimited- 7 days: Talk Unlimited for 7 days within Smart Network for just Rs 37.03 (including of taxes). The offer is valid till 3rd July, 2019. 
  3. Voice Unlimited- 30 days: Talk Unlimited for 30 days within Smart Network for just Rs 126.41 (including of taxes). 
  4. Daily Rental Voice Pack @ Rs 3/day: All local calls @ Rs 0.90/min (exclusive of taxes). Daily Rs 3.83 (including of taxes) rental cost renewed daily automatically.
How to subscribe Best Value Voice Pack that fits you the best?
To subscribe the voice according to your need, please follow the below given instruction: 
  • Voice Unlimited- 1 day: *141*1*2*3#
  • Voice Unlimited- 7 days: *141*1*2*2#
  • Voice Unlimited- 30 days: *141*1*2*1#
  • Daily Rental Voice Pack: Rs 3/day 
          • To Activate     *141*1*1*1#
          • To Deactivate *141*1*1*2#
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