Smart Telecom Smart Easy Loan Scheme

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Smart Telecom's Smart Easy Loan scheme for its subscribers. With the Smart Easy Loan, Smart SIM users can easily enjoy the service by taking loan without having the trouble of immediate recharge. In case if you are in emergency and you run out of balance, Smart easy loan can be very useful to get benefits from it. Smart cell users can talk loan of Rs. 40, when their balance is Re.1 or less.

Smart Cell Loan Service

Smart Easy Loan

If you are Smart Telecom customer and your balance is running low, you can take loan of Rs. 40 with smart loan service. For certain people who are always on the move, may this loan taking facility help them without worry of calling or surfing that provides a sense of security. They will not run out of balance and the loan service will enable them to continue their activities on the phone.

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How to take Smart Easy Loan?
To take the loan service in Smart Cell SIM card,
  • Dial *129*40# on your mobile phone.
  • After you dial the above USSD code, you will get the loan amount of Rs. 40 on your balance if your is Re.1 or less. 

What will be the Service Charge?
Smart Telecom will charge Rs. 2 as a service charge for the easy loan taken which will be deducted from the next recharge amount.

Who can obtain this scheme?
The scheme is only applicable to users of Smart Cell SIM users who have been in the Smart Network at least for 3 months i.e. this service can be obtained by 3 months old Smart SIM card owners only.

With Smart Easy Loan service, you can enjoy the convenience of Smart easy refill of Rs. 40/-  when your balance is Rs.1/- or below.


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