Vacancy at Nepal Army for Various Positions

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Nepal Army has published vacancy notice for various positions: Lekha Jamdar, Pujari Hudda, Amaldar Karmachari, Bandobasti Karya Sipahi, Suchikar, Kuchikar, Charmakarmi, Lohakar, Dhobi, Keshkartak, and Sayas through open and inclusive competition. Eligible and interested Nepali citizens are invited to submit the application in person by affixing Rs. 10 stamp.

Application form is provided free of cost by Nepal Army.

Position Required Numbers:     

  1. Lekha Jamdar: 50
  2. Pujari Hudda: 4
  3. Amaldar Karmachari: 53
  4. Bandobasti Karya Sipahi: 96
  5. Suchikar: 10
  6. Kuchikar: 53
  7. Charmakarmi: 11
  8. Lohakar: 8
  9. Dhobi   : 2
  10. Keshakartak: 2
  11. Sayas: 5

Place to submit the application form: Narayanhiti Northside Gate (towards Dhobichaur)

Form submission dates

  • From 2077/09/21 to 2077/10/21 within office hours with normal fee.
  • Till 2077/10/28 within the office hours with double fee.

If there is a public holiday on the last day, registration can be done on the day after the opening of the office.

For detail information, check the official vacancy notice published by the Nepal Army.

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