Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center Written Exam Routine and Centers

Notice of Written Examination Routine and Examination Center

Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre announce notice as per to the advertisement published on 2076/10/10 of the Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre. This notice is for all information related to the internal examination of the written examination which will be conducted by the Lok Sewa Aayog for open and inclusive competitive examination of various positions, as per the routine below.

Examination starting date: Baisakh 26, 2077

  • Candidate should use only black dot ink or pen in the answer book.
  • Since no candidate is allowed to appear in the exam without the admission letter, the admission card must be taken along with it at least 1 hour before the examination is conducted.
  • It is forbidden to carry bags, mobile phones and other electronics devices in the examination hall.
  • Even if there is an unexpected holiday on the day of the examination, the scheduled program will not be postponed without the prior notice of the Commission.
  • When answering multiple choice questions, only answers written in capital letters A, B, C, D will be recognized.
  • On the examination candidates must carry admission card issued by the concerned body along with the photo of citizenship or the photo card issued by the Government of Nepal.

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