Prithvi Chandra Hospital Vacancy for Staff Nurses

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Prithvi Chandra Hospital, Ramgram, Nawalparasi
Prithvi Chandra Hospital Vacancy for Staff Nurses

Provincial Government, Province No.5, Ministry of Social Development, Directorate of Health, Prithvi Chandra Hospital, Ramgram, Nawalparasi published vacancy notice for the position of Staff Nurses. The interested and qualified nurses may apply for the vacancy within 15 days from this advertise published date.
Vacancy notice published date: 2073/11/30
Nature of Service: All tasks assigned that are done by staff nurse

Age: 18 years of age completed and not exceeding 45 years.

Monthly Salary: As per Government of Nepal for Subsidiary Level of fifth level starting salary.

Place to Service: Prithvi Chandra Hospital, Parasi.

Period of Service: From the date mentioned in the Contract Agreement till end of Ashad 2077. The service can be continued if the budget is arranged and the order is issued from the concerned body and if the work is satisfactory.

Minimum documents and details to be submitted with the application:
  • Copy of Nepali Citizenship.
  • Copies of Educational Qualifications, Work Experience, Training Certificates.
  • Copy of Nursing Council Registration Certificate.
Last Date for Filing Application: Within office time by 2076/12/14. If there is a holiday on that day, then the following day at office time.

Place of Filing Application: Prithvi Chandra Hospital, Administration Branch.

Selection Method: Interview

Interview Date: 2076/12/16 at 11:00 AM


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