Government of Nepal, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Nepal Livestock Sector Innovation Project, Harihar Bhavan, Lalitpur published vacancy notice.

Notice Regarding Animal Services Social Operator Selection Under the Livestock Services Social Operator Contract Program:

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Job Vacancies.

Decentralized project support units under this Nepal Livestock Sector Innovation Project Nepal Agricultural Services, Livestock Poultry and Dairy Development Bank, according to the aforementioned programs of the annual sanctioned program of 2076/077 under the Animal Services Social Operator Contracting Program mentioned in under the Decentralized Planning Assistant Units (DLSUs) in the respective districts and municipalities. Gazette of the Veterinary Group for the technical post of the Second Grade Candidates who have received the minimum educational qualification are advised in the form of Schedule 2 of the Guidelines for selection in open competition by conducting Veterinary Services Social Operator Selection Guidelines, Schedule 1 as per 2076.

Exam Type: Written & Interview

Last Date for Filing Application:  2076/09/18 till office time, if last day is public holiday then day after when the office is opened.

Place for application submission and Contact No. and E-mail ID:
Application Fee:  Rs. 300/-

Contact Date and Location:  Decentralized Project Support Unit on 2076/09/25

Written Test Date:  2076/09/26 at 11 AM.

Age Range of the Candidate: - By 2076/09/18, the age must be 18 years completed and not exceeded 35 years. (But in the case of women and people with disabilities, the age must not exceed 40 years).

Detailed information regarding Animal Service Social Operator selection guide, 2076 Application Form, Syllabus can be obtained from the project's website: or related Decentralized Project Support Units.

The syllabus can also be obtained from the Public Service Commission's website:

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