Everest Base Camp Trek is a once in a lifetime trek which takes you to one of the most adventurous journeys ever. It is a blissful trek allowing you to immerse in the mesmerizing view of snow-capped mountains and explore the more of enticing culture and tradition of Himalayan peoples. The base camp trek takes you to the Khumbu region and its astounding features of rich culture and tradition and the amazing mountain villages and valleys inhabitant by an indigenous group of Sherpas.

Everest Base Camp Trek witnesses one of large numbers of trekkers in Nepal as people want to get a close view of the most fabulous art of nature if not scale it and it is also because of the beauty of trail and diversity one encounters en route. So, roll your sleeve and visit Nepal to accomplish this adrenaline adventure.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek

There are several treks which are favorable all the season of a year. Annapurna region is one best example which can be done in monsoon as well. However, for Everest Base Camp Trek, post-monsoon and pre-monsoon are the best seasons.



Winter is almost at an end in February and spring is on rise. Winter is not a best time for trek, but February would be excellent. In February, temperature drops down,and wind speed fluctuates, but Everest Base Camp Trek in February won’t disappoint you.


March is spring season month when temperature is warmer and days are clear. Arrival of spring turns the trees and grass of hill in green and beautiful flowers starts to bloom. Because of its perfect time, it is one of the busiest trekking seasons.


April will be the perfect time for Everest trekking. In April, weather is slightly warmer at lower altitude and moderate at high regions. It just perfect for viewing the mountains and exploring the natural beauty.


May is the end of spring and beginning of summer. In May, you can get a breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas. Days are clear, and weather is just fine in May, but in mid of May, you can witness drizzling rain and clouds.



As monsoon has ended right away, in September days are crystal clear allowing the perfect view of mountains. Days are warm and night are cold, but not much cold. So, September is one ideal season for Everest trekking.


October is one of the peak trekking seasons in Nepal. In October, days are warmer and nights are usually colder depending on the altitude level. Weather becomes unpredictable and it might rain,but you don’t need to worry as sky clears out as soon as clear.


Trekking in November will give you the best experience as there won’t be snowfall, rainfall or extreme weather conditions. November marks the end of autumn where temperature slightly decreases, however, days are warm and clear.


December marks the cold season and temperature starts to drop below zero at night at Everest region. However, some of the trekkers still ascend to Everest Base Camp to avoid busy trails.

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