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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Leprosy Mission Nepal Vacancy for Electrician

The Leprosy Mission Nepal 
Anandanan Hospital 

The Leprosy Mission Nepal required for a CTEVT trained Electrician for Anandaban Hospital and with 2 years of experience, we encourage the interested applicant to submit the application along with the CV in the email given below.

Position: Electrician

Required Qualifications:
  1. Having high knowledge of electrical, corroding, installing new wires and so on
  2. Having full knowledge.
  3. With the technical knowledge, every technology can be learned and implemented.
  4. Has the ability to repair electrical goods and minimize the radiation from them.
  5. Highly knowledgeable and can handle AC, Battery, Refrigerator, section Machine, ECG, X-ray Machine, Heating Machine and Plumbing maintenance.
  6. Able to read catalogue of every machinery and install by himself.
How to Apply:
Applicant to submit the application along with their CV in the email

Application deadline: Bhadra 12, 2076

Read vacancy notice below:
Source: Kantipur Daily, 21 August 2019

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