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The British Embassy Job Vacancies
The British Embassy in Kathmandu is inviting applications for the following position.

1. Residence Manager
The job will involve running the official residence of the British Ambassador to Nepal to a high standard, working closely with the household staff in Residence, his personal assistant and members of the Embassy and 1HMG team. There will also be a three months assignment to Residence Manager to ensure that Embassy club is properly established and operating in accordance with FCO guidelines and running with independent governance structure, updated constitution, policy, etc. This will include overseeing the external canteen provider during three months transitioning period and ensuring they deliver up to agreed standard.

Application closing date is 15 September 2019

2. Crisis Coordinator
The job includes to Work with the Deputy Ambassador and Regional Crisis Advisor (in New Delhi ensure the Embassy has completed appropriate preparations for a crisis through running crisis exercises, providing crisis induction to new staff and families, organizing or running crisis training and ensuring those with crisis roles know what's expected of them. Along with the Duty Ambassador, leading on crisis policy to ensure the UK government in Nepal has a coordinated crisis response across FCO, DAD, BGN, and British Council. Act as Secretariat for the quarterly crisis committee. Be responsible for ensuring that departmental crisis plans align and support greater integration of crisis teams.

Application closing date is 13 September 2019

3. Community Liaison Officer
The primary function of the CLO is to support all UK-Based officers and their families at Post, including Partners Across Government (Mainly DFID and Ministry of Defense to help them prepare for, settle into and face challenges of life while posted in Kathmandu. CLO wilt works closely with Post Management for the well-being of all staff at Post, with primary function as an advocate for and provision of support to UK-based staff and families on family and community issues, principally in the areas of information gathering, welfare, and communication.

Application closing date is 10 September 2019

4. Technical Works Assistant
The job includes maintaining Embassy estates for it to be fit for purpose. In addition, assist team to do MSRF tasks on regular basis to continue the Mission's operation, along with conducting daily inspection and housekeeping of all Diesel Engine Generator Sets to check battery charge status and hydrometer battery water testing, radiator water, engine lubrication oil level and lead-acid testing of lubrication oil, water jacket heater operation and to keep accurate logs and records of all operating parameters. 

Application closing date is 18 September 2019

How to Apply:
For job specification please visit the following link

Read vacancy notice below:
Source: Kantipur Daily, 28 August 2019
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