Holi - Festival of Colors in Nepal

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HOLI is a colorful and important festival in Nepal. It is also known as Festival of Colors. It is celebrated every year by Hindu religion on the full moon day of March i.e. Phagun. People look forward to this festival every year with great curiosity and celebrate it with different colors, delicious dishes, song, music, fragrant dishes and colors. On this day all schools, colleges, universities, offices, banks and all other institutions are closed so that people can celebrate this special festival with each other.

Holi Festival

Why Holi is Celebrated?
Behind the celebration of this important festival Holi, there is a mythological story between Prahalad and his aunt Holika. It is said that long ago, there was Asura King named Hiranya Kashyap. He was Prahlad's father and Holika's brother. It is said that he was received with boon that he could not be kill by any person or animal, neither by any weapon, nor outside of the house or inside, neither in the day time nor in the night time. Due to this infinite power, King Hirany Kashyap became arrogant and started to instruct everyone to worship him as a God, including his son.

As people were afraid of King Hiranya Kashyap, they start worshiping him as GOD except his son Prahlad because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. King was irritated with this son’s behavior and got angry as his son never worship him as GOD so, King Hirany Kashyap, along with his sister planned to kill his son, Prahlad. He ordered his sister Holika to take Prahlad in her lap and sit in the fire. Holika was boon with never getting burn in fire. But instead; Holika got burn and the devotee Prahlad was not even touch with the fire. From the same time, Holi celebrations started in the name of Holika by the people of Hinduism. It is also sees as the victory of good over evil. A day before the colorful Holi, people burn their entire evils with the Holika in a pile of wood, grass, and cow dung.

How Holi Festival is Celebrated in Nepal?
On this day, people use different colors to play Holi at each other. As soon as the festival of Holi comes near, we start pouring new enthusiasm. On the occasion of this festival, all meet their loved ones, play Holi with colors (natural or chemical free colors), as well as participate in many actions which show happiness to each other. In this way, people celebrate this festival of colors with happiness.

Play Holi

Some Interesting Facts About Holi
  • Celebrating Holi is a sign of the arrival of the spring.
  • The best time to play Holi is from morning till noon.
  • Eating, dancing, singing with friend and family together
Holi is a Festival of Colors and Happiness.
It is advised to used natural colors so that nobody gets any harmed on the festivals. Also no one should be forced for color because someone's skin may be sensitive and allergy with color. Chemical colors are very harmful to the skin, people are requested to use chemical-free color and make your Holi Festival very exciting.

Holi Color

Stay Safe, Play Safe and Keep Smiling.


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