Thamel: Spot for Tourist inside Kathmandu Valley.

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Thamel is the place located in the capital city, Kathmandu, Nepal. Thamel is the heart of Nepal's tourism and the place where tourist get everything they need. You can see colorful and beautiful combination of boutique, cafes, restaurants, souvenirs, music, book shops, craft shops, trekking gear, woolen items and clothes shops everywhere. This place has narrow streets full of growing guest houses, hostels, lodges and hotels for budget travelers. You can also easily find foreign money exchange and mobile shops. There are about hundred and more hotels located in Thamel area. 

Thamel Street, Kathmandu

Here at Thamel, restaurants bars and other tourist concerned shops can be seen around. Here, you'll never be short of ideas about where to eat and stay. Every couple of places, you'll find somewhere renowned for its delicious dishes and cozy ambiance. At night, this place can be seen with twinkling mass of colored lights, paper lanterns and neon restaurant signs with large number of tourists walking in the street. You can probably enjoy night life here.

From Thamel you can easily visit Crowded Ason Bazaar, Durbar Square, Hanumandhoko, New Road, Indrachwok, Kingsway and Swayambhunath which are a mere 10 to 30 minute’s walks.

In the west locate the fundamental road name Kantipath, by walking 15 to 20 minutes where the standard vacationer transports to Pokhara Chitwan begin at early morning of the day.

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