Dashain Festival in Nepal

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Dashain Festival is among the most important Hindu celebration festival all over Nepal.  This celebration falls in the September or October and is celebrated for 15 days. It begins from splendid lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) and closures upon the arrival of full moon (Poornima) as indicated by Nepalese yearly timetable. But the first 10 days is more important and religious than last 5 days. So, we can also say that huge celebration in Dashain is for 10 days.

Hindus most noteworthy celebration, Dashain respects an incredible success of the divine beings over the detestable devils. The image of intensity, Goddess Durga is venerated amid this celebration.

Dashain Festival

Dashain in Nepal

On the first day, in every house, the ceremony of Ghatasthapana is performed. It is entirely a domestic observance confined to one's own household. On  the Ghatasthapana day,  an  idol  of  Bhagwati is  installed  for  a  nine day worship.  A  dark   room  is   assigned  to  the  idol;  it  is  known  as  Dashain-Ghar. An  earthen  pitcher  painted  in  white  and  yellow stripes represents the Kalash. Over the  Kalash, a  handful of rice is kept in a dish and over it, is mounted the icon of Bhagwati. In a  corner  of  the  room, a  mixture of  barley  and  maize seeds is shown with a view to having yellow seeding by the tenth day. The desired  color of  the sprouts is caused by covering the seeds with a vessel. The deity, mounted on the Kalash, is worshiped for all the nine days.

All the arms and weapons of the household are also worshiped during Navaratra. Animal sacrifice is made daily. Goats and buffaloes for sacrifice are largely imported from the Tarai. The eight and the ninth nights are special occasions for a greater number of sacrifices. Sacrifice of a Kubindo (white pumpkin) is substitute of  the animal sacrifice. 

Phoolpati is brought every year on the seventh day of Navaratra from the town of Gorkha original palace of our King. When Phoolpati is brought to the valley, its procession starts from Rani Pokhari, Queen's tank on the eighth day. This is a national event and all government officials have to be present in the procession.

In Newar community, Maha Ashtami, the eighth day, is a great occasion, for, this is when the Phoolpati procession is taken out. Every one looks his best and joins in the procession to receive Phoolpati which starts from an appointed place. A brahmin, donned in yellow garment and with Phoolpati on his shoulders, awaits for being received by the procession. Phoolpati consists of a plantain tree and sugar cane together. The procession, amidst music, goes to receive Phoolpati.  

When Phoolpati arrives home, it is kept by the side of the Dashera deity. This night is known as Kalratri, the night of sacrifice. In general Ashtami is celebrated with the worship of Devi by sacrificing Duck or Hen or Goat or Buffalo.  

Again on the ninth day, popularly known as Maha Naumi of Navratri, animal sacrifice is offered to Bhagwati. 

The tenth day is known as Vijaya Dashami (Tika), the day for putting the Tika mark. By then barley and maize seeds will have sprouted in to yellow plants (Jamara) which are pulled out and used as the main item in the Tika ritual. The Tika ceremony consists in getting smeared on one's forehead a mixture of vermilion rice and curd and receiving a bunch of the yellow plants (Jamara). Every on who is junior in age should go to have Tika from the hands of his/her seniors.

Dashain Festival Celebrations in Nepal

Flying kites
Kite-flying is viewed as an essential method to remind the divine beings not to rain any longer. Amid Dashain Festival, you'll see individuals of any age flying kites all over. Under the comfortable daylight, the unadulterated blue sky is pressed with beautiful kites of various sizes and shapes. The entire valley is inundated in lively giggling and bliss.

Family gathering
On this festival family unites often travelling a long way to be together.

Playing cards 
Card-playing is another approach to spend Dasain Festival. The relatives would get together and play cards while kidding with one another.

Obtaining and purchasing new cloths
Shopping and purchasing new cloths is a key piece of Dashain Festival. The same number of individuals live in country territories, the greater part of them would just buy products and new garments in Dashain Nepali Holidays. Amid this period, the majority of the nation's stores will offer merry rebates, which makes shopping more alluring.

Playing ping (swing)
People setup ping (swing) in the Dashain which are made by traditionally using grass rope, bamboo & wood. Ping are especially seen in Dashain in most of the places and can see people swinging and enjoying playing this ping.

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