Rishi Panchami Festival of Nepal

The festival of Rishi Panchami is connected with the worship of the Sapta Rishi (seven powerful saints in the Hindu religion). Rishi Panchami falls on the third day of the Haritalika Teej. It occurs in the Hindu month of Bhadrapad, which means it falls somewhere during August or September.
Rishi Panchami
Rishi Panchami also known as Bhadraprada Sukla Panchami which has special significance in Hinduism. It is a day of fasting that Hindu women observe after two days of Haritalika Teej.  

Rishi Panchami is observed by Hindu women to pay respect to Sapta Rishi (seven saints) and to get purified from sins they have made during their menstruation cycle in the whole year. In the Hindu religion, menstruation is taken as a symbol of impurity, and women are not supposed and allowed to perform religious activities or any other household activities or even touch any male family members during their menstrual period. 

It is believed that a woman who fasts on Rishi Panchami and worships Sapta Rishi will be forgiven for all the sins she has committed throughout the year during her menstrual periods. 

On this day, women take a holy bath (in the river if possible) by using red mud and datiwan (a kind of bush which is said to be pure) leaves and datiwan’s stick to brush their teeth.   It is believed that the use of the red mud and datiwan makes women pure and clean.  Women gather in their nice attire with their relatives and friends and perform puja. Some invite their priest to home to conduct puja and some visit nearest temples. After completion of puja, they have karkalo (a kind of vegetable with big leaves) which is cooked in pure ghee and rice in their lunch.  

Rishi Panchami is also the last day of Teej Festival.

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