Dal Bhat Tarkari (Nepal)

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Dal Bhat Tarkari

The most common meal eaten daily in Nepal is Dal Bhat Tarkari, which is almost cooked in every Nepalese house everyday. This meal is eaten as a lunch and dinner. Dal is lentil, Bhat is rice and Tarkari is vegetable. Rice are usually steamed rice; lentil as soup (there are varieties of dal dishes having different taste and flavors) and tarkari can be prepared in different ways according to seasonal availability of vegetables and local preferences (can also go for non veg as well). 

How it is taken:

Rice is mixed with Dal and tarkari which is accompanied by achar (pickle) to enhance the taste.

This meal is usually eaten with hands.

Nepali people common saying: Bhat bhaneko bhatai ho. Aru j khaye ni, bhat khako jasto kai hunna.

Dal Bhat Tarkari
Dal Bhat Tarkari
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